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We advise and consult to a number of organisations on their Corporate Social Investment initiatives. We assist in devising strategies, practices and opportunities around corporate social responsibility and experiential learning to ensure that donors derive maximum value from any partnerships created.

Our team focuses on designing CSI practices that align with an organisation's commercial, corporate social investment and employee engagement objectives, whilst delivering on the needs and expectations of target beneficiaries. 

We consult, engage with and profile target communities in combination with intensive client consultation. We deliver aligned, priority-driven and cost-effective development interventions, with high social returns and targeted sector partnerships. Our collaborative approach strives to be a positive model of how Public Private Partnership (PPP) can increase productivity, legitimacy and secure long-term success. Community ownership through transparent, legitimate and effective cooperatives is the long-term goal of all we do.

For more information, please contact us at:

Tel: +27 28 384 8048
Email: info@grootbosfoundation.org